Ethos and Welfare Committee

The Ethos and Welfare Committee plays a significant role in helping the school and the Trust achieve its core purpose of:

  • Delivering outstanding outcomes for all pupils
  • Supporting the effectiveness and impact of the schools’ provision for Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual purpose (SMSC)
  • Supporting the schools’ child protection and safeguarding policy
  • Monitoring attendance at school level

The committee will aim to meet termly, as a guide in November, March and June.  

Committee members are: Mrs Suzanne Flack, Mrs Debbie Petty, Mrs Beth Souster, Mr Andrew Storey.


Mrs Suzanne Flack

I am privileged to be the Executive Principal at The Redstart Primary. My aim to ensure all children develop a love of learning that stays with them throughout their life. It is important to me that the environment within which the children learn and adults work is high quality, nurturing and gives everyone a sense of belonging and feeling valued.

Mrs Debbie Petty

I am a mum of children in the Redstart school. I am originally from out of the area so I have spent recent years getting to know the local community and making new friends.

It is important to me that I know my children are in a safe environment both emotionally and physically. It therefore follows that the Trust's staff should also feel these securities in order to best support the children. The Ethos and Welfare Committee is a new team that aims to provide guidance and support to the Trust and I was enthusiastic to be a part of that. I do not have a huge amount of spare time to give but wanted to be involved with the school, even in this small capacity, if I could help it be a better place to work for everyone.

Mr Andrew Storey

I am really proud to be part of the Ethos and Welfare Committee for the Redstart Primary School.  I have been a teacher at the school for the past 3 years and love my job. As a teacher in the school I am very aware of the challenges lots of children face in their everyday lives and I am keen to be able to make a difference for all children at the school. I have a thorough understanding of the school’s ethos and I have thought carefully about how I share this ethos with my Year 1 class, making it applicable to their age and understanding.  My time working in Rwanda has helped me to develop my own values and how important these are to how I live my life. I look forward to developing the schools ethos and values and helping to look after everyone’s welfare in the whole school.

Mrs Beth Souster

I am delighted to be part of the Ethos & Welfare Committee for The Redstart Primary School.  I have a vested interest from both a personal and a professional capacity.  In my current role I am based at The Redstart Primary School but work for The Redstart Learning Partnership and have done since December 2015 as the Trust Manager.  I work very closely with The Redstart primary school and all the other schools within the Trust.  My daughter is currently in year 3 and is enjoying every minute of her schooling and my older daughter recently left Redstart to move onto Holyrood Academy.

It is an absolute pleasure working for such a wonderful organisation that contributes to improving the life chances of young people and a real privilege to be based at such a fantastic primary school.  There is nothing I like more than sitting at my desk and seeing the children playing outside and hearing the laughter and the singing travelling down the corridors.  

I am looking forward to working as part of the committee to support the delivery of outstanding outcomes for all pupils, to help the school provide for Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual purpose (SMSC), to assist the school in providing an environment that is safe and protective and also to support the school monitor attendance

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