At The Redstart Primary our curriculum intent is to provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum which includes memorable moments and builds on their previous learning. We have developed our curriculum using the National Curriculum as a base point and building on it through rich experiences designed to enhance vocabulary, build curiosity and engage children with the enthusiasm to learn. We have high expectations for all children and plan to equip them with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need for a successful, happy and productive life.

Our curriculum intent has the school's vision statement at its heart:

Inspire, Collaborate, Excel.

At the same time, we keep a close focus on our values: Excellence, Courage, Compassion and Collaborative Service. These permeate the school ethos and allow our children to develop into well-rounded individuals well prepared for life beyond Redstart.

All national curriculum subjects are taught, including French in Key Stage 2. In addition, all children have regular Forest school sessions. swimming lessons are taught as part of the PE curriculum. 

Please click here for our curriculum overview for Y1-6. 

Please click on the subjects for the relevant curriculum statement.

Maths Reading Writing Science
PE Forest School Geography History
Music Computing D and T  

More details about the content of each subject can be seen in the following progression documents.

Art Computing D and T Geography


Page Downloads Date  
Everyday Maths Activities Yr2 & 3 07th Mar 2016 Download
Reading Overview 03rd Feb 2017 Download
Calculation Policy 04th May 2017 Download
Writing Overview Updated February 04th May 2017 Download
Feedback and Assessment Policy 22nd May 2017 Download
Yr0 Reception (Full Time) Timetable 12th Sep 2018 Download
Yr0 Reception (Induction) Timetable 12th Sep 2018 Download
Yr1 Timetable.pdf 12th Sep 2018 Download
Yr2 Timetable.pdf 12th Sep 2018 Download
Yr3 Timetable.pdf 12th Sep 2018 Download
Yr4 Timetable.pdf 12th Sep 2018 Download
Yr5 Timetable.pdf 12th Sep 2018 Download
Yr6 Timetable.pdf 12th Sep 2018 Download
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