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Posted on: March 6th 2020

A message from Rebecca Collins and Suzanne Flack

Thank you for being so understanding when we postponed the Parents’ Evening sessions so we could focus on our OFSTED inspection. If you have any difficulty with the new dates please let us know and we will find you an alternative slot. 

It usually takes 3 weeks or so for the Inspection report to be published. We’ll let you know when it’s available for you to read.

Our Book Week has offered the children an exciting mix of activities and the ever-popular Book Week play. Roles are keenly contested amongst the staff team and the repertoire of acting skills develops each year. You might like to ask your children who stole the show this year. Thank you for supporting the Book Fair. Every purchase makes a contribution to a fund for us to buy more books for the school which benefits all of our students. The pupils looked amazing in their costumes for World Book Day and our teams performed brilliantly at the Trust reading quiz held here yesterday.

Next week we are very excited to be welcoming a quartet from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra who will be performing on Friday and Holland Park Opera who are providing us with workshops and a performance of The Pirates of Penzance on Wednesday. We are delighted to be able to offer our children the opportunity to see live music and two events in one week will make it even more memorable.


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A message from Suzanne Flack (Executive Principal) and Rebecca Collins (Head of School) Posted on: 24/01/2020

A message from Suzanne Flack (Executive Principal) and Rebecca Collins (Head of School)

It’s been great to see so many of you at our class assemblies over the last few weeks. This is such a great opportunity for our pupils to perform and share their work and it’s a lovely way for us to all start the day. We are very excited to be hosting the Holland Park Opera who will be performing The Pirates of Penzance in our school hall in March. This is part of a tour which starts in London and finishes down in Penzance. Lots of our KS2 children will take part in workshops as well as watching a live operatic performance. It promises to be an amazing event and we look forward to sharing the photos with you. As always we ask you to be considerate when parking near the school. We want all of our children to be safe as they leave the site and our neighbours need access to their properties at all times. The local PCSO and traffic warden will be spending much more time around our site to ensure that everyone is abiding by the rules. We also request that you switch off your engine as soon as you have parked. All the research shows the negative impact idling engines on the quality of air which means that it is another risk for our students and obviously not good for the environment. If everyone could switch off their engines this would dramatically improve the air quality around our site and would be hugely beneficial for everyone. We hope that you are able to support us with this vital initiative. Our annual stargazing event will be happening on February 13th. This is always such a popular and interesting evening and a key event in our school diary. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a dry and clear night.Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
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