Devon primary joins The Redstart Learning Partnership

The Redstart Learning Partnership, multi academy trust of 10 primary schools is delighted to announce that they have welcomed a new school to their Trust and this time it’s across the border in beautiful Devon.

Stockland C of E Primary Academy, which was previously a standalone academy, recognised the mutual benefits of working collaboratively with other schools and asked to join the partnership of 9 primary schools, all based in Somerset. The school serves a small rural village community in Devon, close to the Somerset border. The main Victorian building dating back to 1859.

The Redstart Learning Partnership launched in 2015 with 3 primary schools in their portfolio.  Since then the Trust has grown to support a number of local primary schools securing many of their futures.  

Stockland Primary Academy officially joined the Trust on 1st July 2021 but have been working with them for some time and have already benefitted from the partnership. Stockland will gain in a number of ways including the ability to share resources and expertise and receive targeted support from the other schools in the Trust, whilst keeping their own identity.  The other Trust schools will also reap the benefits from Stockland’s contributions.   

Stockland, as a small village primary school will benefit from a more secure future and by working in collaboration with the nine other schools within the Trust, teachers will be able to share best practice and also improve learning experiences, by accessing a full continued professional learning package.

The advantages of this collaboration will also have a positive impact on the pupils including access to enhanced teaching and learning.  As all the schools in the partnership have their own strengths, the Stockland children and families will start to see steady changes and improvements which meet the Trusts one simple aim of giving every child access to high quality teaching every day in every lesson.  

As a Church of England Academy, The Redstart Learning Partnership are also looking forward to working with the Exeter Diocese and welcome them to the Trust’s family.

Stockland CofE Academy Primary School Head of School, Clive Hellawell said:

“The school is delighted to have joined The Redstart Learning Partnership; this is a great opportunity for our small rural school.  We are all looking forward to the additional opportunities the children will have available to broaden their education and interact with the other schools within the partnership”.


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