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Thursday (and Wednesday evening)

Last night saw the last of the major walking for the trip- the children set off on a ‘night walk’ and were again suitably worn out by the time they got back to the camp. The ‘lights out and bed time’ routine was completed in record time for the week- a good sign that the children are having a good time and are keeping busy. 

Thursday was a continuation of the activities that we started yesterday- the groups worked through what they had not done yesterday (you’ll notice this from the photos)- some of the same activities but with different children.

There was high excitement around the camp this evening as the children prepare for the Kilve disco- the perfect send-off before packing and preparing to return tomorrow morning. Discussion were rife at dinner as to which shirt to wear or which pair of sparkly shoes would best go with their dress. 

We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow. 


Wednesday (and Tuesday evening)

Some of the initial first night novelty had quickly worn off by night two- some of the children were visibly ready for bed shortly after dinner- before the evening session of entertainment. Last night this was Jumblies- an orienteering activity requiring the children to navigate around the site finding answers to questions in teams. 

Wednesday has been very busy, with the children packing 6 or 7 (depending on whether they had a double session) activities in before dinner this evening. The have done a variety of different things ranging from grass sledging to high rope activities. You'll see from the photos that they have had a very busy day, with more of the same to come tomorrow. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

Tuesday (and Monday evening)

Everyone still having a fabulous time. The talent show kept everyone entertained last night with acts varying from musical talents and puppetry, to football skills and magic. 

This morning the children took part in some 'wide games'. Mr Terret led some activities on the mountain bike lawn involving some imagination and team work. Teams were challenged to work together, using a length of rope to create different images such as a bike (with moving parts), a compass and a tree. You can see some of these in the photos. 

Following this, and to much excitement, the children were challenged to navigate their way through the Kilve maze. 

We then took our lunches to the beach and had picnic lunch before rock-pooling to see what wildlife they could manage to find. Some rather impressive crabs have made their way onto the photo roll!



The first day has gone brilliantly. We have been blessed with fabulous weather which has helped the day to be such a success. For the first time in many trips and walks down the Quantocks, all of the teachers have commented on how well the children took to the walk. We even discovered, within a stone's throw from the centre at the end of the walk, that one child had lugged their bag back with half their week's clothes in it- I can verify that it weighed..... a lot and they did not moan about it once the whole afternoon.  

Here are some photos of the walk, and our stop along the way to play a large scale version of hide-and-seek. The children are all settled and unpacked in their cabins and are currently in the midst of their talent show which I'll tell you more about tomorrow. 

Stay tuned for Tuesday's update. 


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