EYFS Curriculum

    The Foundation Stage 

    There are seven areas of learning that are used to plan every activity and experience for the children. The professionals teaching and supporting your child will make sure that the activities are suited to your child’s unique needs. Children in the Early Years learn by playing, exploring, being active and through creative and critical thinking which take place both indoors and outside. 

    We encourage children to develop within the three prime areas first: Communication and Language; Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. The prime areas are essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning. As children grow, the prime areas will help the to develop skills in four specific areas. These are: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Further information about the Early Years Foundation Stage can be found on the Foundation Years website: http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/

    Personal, Social and Emotional Development

    We provide experiences and support which will help children to develop a positive sense of themselves and of others: respect to others;  social skills; and a disposition to learn.

    Communication and Language

    Children will be provided with opportunities to use their skills in a range of situations to help develop competence in speaking and listening.  All children’s language skills will be supported by Somerset Total Communication.

    Physical Development

    Children will engage in a variety of activities designed to help develop their co-ordination, control, manipulation and movements.  Activities will be provided to help and support children in developing and understanding the importance of physical activity and being healthy.


    The specific areas for essential skills and knowledge include:


    Children will be supported in developing their understanding of problem solving, shapes and numbers in a broad range of contexts in which they can explore, enjoy, learn and practise their skills.


    Children will hear rhymes and stories every day and have access to a cosy book corner.  There will be lots of opportunities for children to make marks and improve their fine motor skills.

    Understanding the World

    Children will be supported in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that will help them learn about the world. They will enjoy investigating, exploring and experimenting both indoors and outdoors with a wide range of materials.

    Expressive Arts and Design

    Children will be provided with opportunities to develop their imagination through art, music, movement, dance, role-play and storytelling. They will be supported in sharing their own thoughts, ideas and feelings, so becoming confident to express themselves. 

    Give your child a chance to learn these positive lessons by working with the nursery staff to make the settling-in period as easy as possible.

    Before starting Nursery, we like to meet with both parent and child to find out more about you both. We will then discuss an appropriate induction for your child and anything you may wish to share with us. 

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