Vision and Values

Vision and Values


The Redstart Primary School is committed to excellence for all our pupils and employees.  

  • high expectations -  we achieve this by employing outstanding individuals and educating our pupils to be outstanding 

  • powerful learners and knowledgeable individuals  - we focus relentlessly on high quality learning for all pupils and employees 

  • contributing citizens -  we believe tolerance, respect, integrity, responsibility, courage and perseverance are all essential attributes for our pupils

  • Confident leaders – we empower every adult to lead and develop leadership skills within our students

  • Continually improving – we seek out innovation and success and learn from the best

  • Resilient individuals – we recognise that there are many challenges to face but that these all present opportunities and overcoming difficulties is fundamental to our own personal development


Our underlying values – excellence, collaborative service, courage and compassion are explored through exciting, interactive and relevant Collective Worship sessions each week.  These ideas are then followed up in class, based around a thought-provoking key question. Teaching these values so explicitly allows us to mould a shared understanding of how we live well together. 

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