Forest School Summer 2024

The role of Forest School

Forest School gives the children an opportunity to spend time outdoors learning in a completely different way to the conventional classroom model. Forest School celebrates the right of all children to play, as decreed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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In order to take a full and active part in Forest School, children should come properly prepared. They will get muddy, and clothes might get grass-stained and torn, so we recommend old clothes that are not valuable!


Summer Forest School – warm and sunny…

Winter Forest School – cold and wet…


Light trousers/jeans

T shirt

Long sleeved hoody/jacket


Apply sun-cream at start of day

Hayfever sufferers - Take anti-histamine before coming to school

Old trainers or walking boots/shoes

Old warm clothes

Waterproof coat

Welly boots

Two pairs of socks when wearing welly boots

Gloves, hat and scarf if it is really cold

Several layers in the cold are better than one thick one

Waterproof trousers

Alternative footwear for inside wear


Strappy tops/vest tops

Shorts or skirts

Sandals, crocs, flip flops etc.


Canvas shoes or ballet pumps

Remember how changeable the weather can be. Even on a hot summer morning there is always the chance that it will cloud over and rain, so a light waterproof (pac-a-mac) is a good idea even in the summer.

An important part of Forest School is learning to cook over an open fire. Some of the things we cook include bread, pizzas, soups and hot chocolate. If children have food allergies, it is very helpful if parents/carers can send in a box of alternative foods/drinks that you know are safe for your child to cook as an alternative. For example, an appropriate dairy free milk or gluten free flour. 

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